Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 29 & 30

I'm going to try something different with my post layout here that I will inevitably regret when I redesign this blog someday in the future.  Then again, that could be a while and this post will be long forgotten.  So yes,  here today we have a 2 day study (a couple of hours yesterday and today each).  

Anyway, I wanted to write a little more today than I usually do since I'm coming up on the end of month one of my deathline and I wanted to assess the first month and where I'm at.  I looked over my goals and am pretty pleased with the progress I've made so far.  Studying daily has become an obsession.  I am still extremely new to digital painting and have daily struggles with rendering.  Drawing is also improving although I feel that was my one strength (albeit tiny) coming into this.

For month two, I won't be able to focus as heavily on the Bloodsport Challenges because I'm kind of overloaded with client work (all music and indie clothing related freelance stuff).  My main focuses are going to be efficiency and routine with specific focuses on anatomy speed.  I'll be working heavily on Bridgeman studies and probably a mix of still lifes and MMA studies. 

And to cap this post, here's a handful of doodles from the past two days including another self portrait.

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