Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Deathline Day 1

This is my study for Day 1 of my Deathline Challenge.  I've never (ever) painted an environment.  I do have a distant mountain side city environment in the piece I'm working on, so that was the main point of this study.  I stopped at a little over 2 hours because I didn't want to get that far into this.

Recent Studies

These studies were done for my Bloodsports 4 entry.  Only the bottom one (Undertaker) was really relevant since I did not do my initial design concept which was my character crawling toward us which would show a close up of his leather jacket.

The hand study was essentially the first true study I've ever done in digital paint.  Each of these took much longer than I would have liked.

Recent Sketches - January '12

These are sketches from the beginning of the year and up to about January 20.  Pretty much just random stuff.  The more rendered drawings at the bottom were from magazine reference.  The last sketch was a concept for my Bloodsports 4 entry.