Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 18

Kind of a weird day for me... I think I'm kind of burnt out a little bit just from staying up waaaay (4 - 5AM) too late routinely and still waking up in the AM and working.  Pity me.

So I did a study that I'm not going to post because I didn't finish it and I won't be finishing it.  It's terrible and really not worth posting.  So here are other sketches and doodles from today.  The character sketches are for Bloodsports 6.  I was working on trying to figure out what directions and influences to take with my character's armor.  Also did a speed self-portrait while staring at myself in a mirror.  I want to get into doing this routinely so I'm drawing portraits from life and not just doing digital photo studies.  The disconnect from drawing while looking at myself in a mirror, through my eyes, mind, and out my arm and hand and onto a tablet, then onto the computer screen, was weeeeird.  The results? Not so good.  I hope I don't look like this.  In fact I know I don't because this face doesn't look human!

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